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Female Ejaculation: Is It Pee? How to Squirt

We will talk about female ejaculation, the G Spot and squirting or gushing. Get your questions answered about what it is, how to make it happen, and who can do it (spoiler alert: not everyone and not the same way!)


Slut Shaming

We are often judged based on our sexual beliefs, dialogue, and behaviors. I use the word slut lovingly, and I hope that you will learn to do the same!


Sex Shaming

Sex shaming can start at an early age and can last a lifetime. In this video, I talk about how to talk to kids about discovering their bodies without shaming them!


Behold: The Clitoris!

This video has a quick anatomy of the vulva, the vagina, and a lot of time talking about the magical clitoris (clit) – some common misconceptions about the clitoris, how it works, and how big it really is!


Sluts & Scholars Podcast

Sluts and Scholars podcast features two smart women who also like (gasp) sex! Join us as we discuss how to navigate sexuality in this culture by having conversations that will make your sex smarter and your smarts sexier.


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