Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers to see if you think I might be the right fit for you!

Nicoletta Heidegger

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have openings in your schedule/ are you taking on new clients?

Because of the nature of my work, this may change from week to week. My practice is currently quite busy, but if you are interested in setting up an appointment, click on the “Contact” tab above and hopefully we can find a mutually workable time!


How do I set up an appointment?

Click on the “Contact” tab above to get in touch with me. We will first set up a brief, free phone consultation to see if this is the right fit.


What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is like regular psychotherapy, but we actually talk about sex and intimacy (if it applies to what is going on for you!). Many therapists out there have little to no training addressing issues relating to sex, intimacy, and sexuality. This topic is my area of expertise and I hope to continue to de-stigmatize topics relating to sex and intimacy for my clients.


Do you only treat sexual issues?

No; I see clients for a variety of diverse presenting problems including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relational issues, and trauma. Feel free to reach out with your specific struggle and I would be happy to let you know if that is something I work with. If not, I am always happy to give referrals to other helpful professionals.


What kinds of clients to you see?

I see adults, teens, children, and people in relationships of any kind. I am Kink, LGBTQQIA…, and Non-Monogamy informed and affirming.


Do your sessions include touch?

No; I am a talk therapist and do not include any forms of touch (sexual or otherwise) in my sessions. I do sometimes refer and work with other types of body workers when hands on treatments would be beneficial for the client’s overall health and wellness.


How much do you charge? Do you accept insurance?

I do not take insurance directly. I would ask your insurance company for a list of approved practitioners if you would like to go through your insurance. I do, however, work on a sliding scale and try to cater my fee to what works for each client financially. This usually ranges between $100-200 per session.


How long does therapy take?

For new clients, I recommend starting at once a week, 50-minutes sessions. It is hard to estimate how long therapy will take for each person. Therapy depends on your willingness to show up and do the work and in most cases, it is not a quick fix. Therapy of any kind is a commitment and can bring up difficult emotion and experiences; you have to be willing and ready to get the most from your therapy.