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how to say yes (and no)

Dr. Wendy Walsh hosts Nicoletta on a panel to discuss empowering women to say YES to their deepest sexual desires, and to effectively communicate NO to unwanted sexual advances.

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A Day With The Compton Jr Posse

Founder of The Compton Jr Posse Mayisha Akbar talks along with Patricia Heaton and Jami Heidegger about a program that keeps kids off the streets of Compton and on horses as an alternative to gangs.

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Real Life Sexperts

Nicoletta Heidegger interviews Transfeminine person, poet, advocate, and media personality Alok Vaid-Menon of

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Weed and Sex Therapy – Sex Talk with My Mom

Nicoletta guest stars on the popular podcast ‘Sex Talk with My Mom’ and offers insight on managing premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, insecurity related to penis size, and obstacles preventing women from achieving orgasms.

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Sex Therapy: Sex Toys, Weed, & Lube

Nicoletta guest stars on the Karen Lee Poter Show and discusses a variety of issues related to sex and sexuality, including marijuana use.

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_Sluts & Scholars Podcast

Sluts and Scholars features two smart women who also like (gasp) sex! Join us as we discuss how to navigate sexuality in this culture by having conversations that will make your sex smarter and your smarts sexier.

Sluts & Scholars Podcast
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What Can You Do with a Degree in Sexology?

Includes quotes from Nicoletta about what you can do with a Sexology Degree.

The Women Who Fart — And the Men Who Watch

Nicoletta helps folks understand fart fetishes.

#ThirstTrapThursday With Annie Cruz: A Conversation With Nicoletta Heidegger

Navigating flirting versus sexual harassment.

Sluts & Scholars is the sex positive podcast we all deserve

An interview about Nicoletta’s podcast, Sluts and Scholars.

How to Fight Fairly with Your Partner

Nicoletta on the Manwhore Podcast.

Building sex education at Stanford – The Stanford Daily

Nicoletta talks about sex education at Stanford

Sex Talks With The Tree – The Stanford Daily

Nicoletta’s sex column in the Stanford Daily

Living the Dream – Challenge Success

Nicoletta talks about job satisfaction for Stanford-based Blog “Ideas That Challenge”

4 beloved campus Christmas traditions

Nicoletta, as former Stanford Mascot, talks about Stanford Christmas traditions

Compton Jr Posse – Press coverage

Compton JR Posse

Compton Jr. Posse 7th Annual Fundraiser Gala

Event photos featuring Nicoletta

“It’s Never Too Late For Now: When Should I Seek Sex Therapy?”

Article by Nicoletta V. Heidegger on

“You Can’t Get Addicted to a Vibrator”

Article on with quotes from Nicoletta.

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